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Run, Jump and Throw Club for 4 - 6 year olds

This club focuses on FUNdamental movement skills and helps children gain vital skills which they need later in life. This clubs emphasis is on athletics but can be extremely beneficial to all children competing in a variety of sports.

We focus on providing a safe, relaxed and friendly environment whilst children can make new friends and have FUN.

Scottish Athletics state: β€˜it is widely recognised that athletic activities – running, jumping and throwing – underpin every sport in Scotland.’

Youngsters are introduced to a whole range of events whilst at the same time being taught all the basic skills, including agility, balance, co-ordination and speed; the essential ABC's to all sport.


A listing of available activities and classes
Activity From arrow icon Until
Grangemouth Stadium, Grangemouth
16:00arrow icon17:00
Grangemouth Stadium, Grangemouth
16:00arrow icon17:00
Grangemouth Stadium, Grangemouth
16:00arrow icon17:00
Grangemouth Stadium, Grangemouth
17:15arrow icon18:15

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