Run, Jump and Throw Club

This club focuses on learning to train (9 – 12yrs) and training to train (12 – 14yrs) stage of development and it aims to build upon the previous two clubs.

The club will introduce aspects of fitness training, competitive elements and the importance of warm up, warm down, flexibility, healthy eating, etc.

Children in this group will be introduced to basic training programmes in specific events and may be encouraged to take part in local competitions or events at the Stadium. With experience gained from this section of the RJT Club, children may wish to progress further and consider joining an affiliated Athletics Club, i.e.; Falkirk Victoria Harriers, or Central Athletic Club.


A listing of available activities and classes
Activity From arrow icon Until
Grangemouth Stadium, Grangemouth
18:30arrow icon20:00
Grangemouth Stadium, Grangemouth
18:30arrow icon20:00
Grangemouth Stadium, Grangemouth
17:15arrow icon18:15
Grangemouth Stadium, Grangemouth
18:30arrow icon20:00

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Grangemouth Stadium
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01324 504590
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