A Taste of Silents

Welcome to our short season A Taste of Silents…

An introduction to the rich, immersive and captivating world of silent film with live music.

The season includes the most influential sci-fi of all time 'Metropolis', Harold Lloyd's breath-taking, clock-face-hanging comedy 'Safety Last!', F.W. Murnau's extraordinary romantic drama 'Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans', and Alfred Hitchcock's suspenseful thriller 'Blackmail'.

Ticket Deal: 10% off when you book for more than 1 event. Not available online, please call or book in person.

We hope to see you soon!


A listing of upcoming events
Event Time
Saturday, 21st October 2017
Hippodrome, Bo'ness
Saturday, 28th October 2017
Hippodrome, Bo'ness
Saturday, 11th November 2017
Hippodrome, Bo'ness

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