Film locations

Trust properties have been the stars of many productions – from TV documentaries to historical blockbusters for both free to air and premium satellite TV networks. We have an excellent record of working with film makers to accommodate their requests whilst ensuring that visitors to the attractions can still have a brilliant visit.

Our unique collection of properties provides a huge variety of backdrops with great stories to match. Hundreds of years of Scottish heritage is right before your eyes – from dramatic mountains to historic houses, breath-taking coastline to imposing castles. The Trust portfolio also includes evocative sites significant to Scottish history, including Bannockburn and Culloden battlefields and the birthplaces of Robert Burns and J M Barrie.

We have experts who can offer advice in many areas of Scottish heritage, including history, archaeology, wildlife and collections. Once you have submitted your filming, photography or broadcasting requirements with us, our Filming Location Manager will contact you to discuss your request, appropriate location and applicable fees.


Filming or photography cannot be undertaken at Falkirk Community Trust sites without a contract being in place.

To protect both parties, a full risk assessment must be provided.

Any surplus from location fees is returned to the sites for their maintenance.

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Lyndy Donaldson
Filming Location Manager
01324 590900
Last updated: 27 July 2017 at 10:30