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The Park Gallery is a contemporary visual arts and crafts gallery situated in Callendar House. The exhibition programme includes work by local, national and international artists and makers. It also offers a programme of workshops and gallery talks, often led by the exhibiting artists and makers, for most of the scheduled exhibitions.


Marion Deuchars - Let's Make Art

May 3rd to July 20th 2014

Homecoming Scotland 2014 event

As part of Homecoming 2014, 'Let's Make Art' will be Marion Deuchars' first exhibition in her home town. Marion is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning illustrator who was born in Grangemouth, near Falkirk. She now lives with her husband and two sons in North London.

Her clients are varied, including Penguin Books, Formula One, The Guardian, New York Magazine to Jamie Oliver. Marion is on a campaign to get everyone involved in Art:

"My exhibition at the Park Gallery will be a chance to see some of my working methods and will also allow children and adults to get involved in the creative process themselves. Much of the exhibition will be interactive, but not in the digital sense! So roll up your sleeves and come and get your hands messy: Let's get drawing, painting, sticking and cutting. Let's Make Art!"

Marion Deuchars' Memories from Grangemouth

"Growing up in Grangemouth, I could see the dramatic gas flames of the BP petrochemical plant from my bedroom window. Very visible were the cooling towers; to me an ominous presence. My mother had told us that if we were bad, we would be sent up those giant towers and thrown into the burning fires. I imagined myself as one of the victims being led up the tiny staircases which encircled them and cast into the inferno. I remember the particular odour which emanated from the ICI factory where both my parents worked and I could run my fingers through the blue dust which settled on the window ledges of our house.

"In contrast to these memories of growing up in an industrial town were my cycle rides through the 'medieval' woods to Bo'ness where my grandparents lived. I would spend hours with my brother climbing the ravines, playing around the discarded engine boilers near James Watt's cottage or picnicking amongst the discarded gravestones of the 12th century ruined church.

"My two passions as a child were running and drawing. I loved both and pursued each with the same commitment. I joined the athletics club at 9 years old and spend hours training at Grangemouth Stadium pushing myself to my physical limits, whilst at home I devoted most of my spare time to drawing. Looking back, I think they complemented each other perfectly in a meditative sense, allowing me to zone or flow in the moment.

"The careers officer at Grangemouth High School, recognising that I was good at art, had recommended to apply for a job as a cake decorator at the bakers. Thankfully for me, I had motivational art teachers and they pushed me to take a more ambitious path. We had a large art department. It was my favourite place to go; what felt like the whole top floor of the building and there were at least four good art teachers. They recognised my enthusiasm and talent, and encouraged me to apply to Art School. I remember in particular, Mr McDougall, an eccentric and inspirational art teacher who moulded himself on Salvador Dali and would actually visit him once a year in Cadaqués. He was one of the few Scottish artists to do so.

"I feel privileged to work in the creative arts and to make a living from it. Art, as a state of mind, is a wonderful place to go every day."

  • Retail:
    The Park Gallery stocks a small range of contemporary art and craft items for sale. All major credit cards are accepted but we regret that we are unable to process card transactions under £5.00.
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    Free parking for cars is available a short walk from the gallery. The Park Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf are welcome.


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