Iron: Artefacts and Actions 27 January - 27 May

Iron: Artefacts and Actions 27 January - 27 May

Gordon Munro and Ewan Robertson further explore their interest in iron as a creative sculptural material. In 2017 under the title Iron: Origins and Destinations, Munro and Robertson ran a series of events including an Exhibition, Symposium, Publication, Practice Workshops and Archival film screenings at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. They also commissioned a short documentary film about their iron related practice and research to explore and disseminate current creative thinking on this often overlooked material. The work on show in Iron: Artefacts and Actions features some sculpture from Iron: Origins and Destinations but new work has also been made that explores and responds to artefacts from Falkirk Community Trust's extensive archive of iron and iron related objects, images and documents. The new work in iron for this show was cast locally.

Their ongoing large scale collaboration installation Cloud Dialogue will be newly configured for the exhibition also. Previous iterations of the work have been exhibited at The Royal British Society of Sculptors (London), Haus Hohenbusch (Erkelenz, Germany), The Royal Scottish Academy, Glasgow International 2014 and Inspace (The University of Edinburgh).

The exhibition will also include the short film Iron: Origins and Destinations by Artist / Filmmaker Rachel Nolan. The film looks at diverse aspects of iron in the wider world such as iron meteorites and magnetite (used by some insects, mammals and birds as a means of navigation) as well as looking at how iron is used in contemporary creative practice.

Also accompanying Iron: Artefacts and Actions exhibition will be a small publication exploring more poetic ideas that stem from creative practice and thinking in iron with texts by Dr Kamini Vellodi and Daisy Lafarge.

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