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SPAIN: Still Cause

A project and exhibition by Christine Jones

8 February - 20 April 2014

SPAIN: Still Cause is a project and exhibition focused on the struggle for justice and recognition which is ongoing in Spain post-Franco, with the notions of memory, loss, activism and solidarity implicit within the work. Initially inspired by the photojournalist Gerda Taro and her work during the Spanish Civil War, this first exhibition is dedicated to her memory.

Christine Jones is an artist and designer living in Falkirk and was a recipient of the Visual Artist Award Scheme: Forth Valley in 2010 and 2013.

SPAIN: Still Cause is a project and exhibition focused on the struggle for justice and recognition which is ongoing in Spain post Franco. 2014 will mark the 75th Anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War.

The project was inspired by the photojournalist Gerda Taro (1910–37) and her work during the Spanish Civil War (1936-9). She is believed to be the first female photojournalist to go to the front-lines, and the first to die there. This interest in Taro developed into an engagement with the legacy of the war and subsequent dictatorship (1939–75) and the rise of protest and resistance in the evolution of the ‘historical memory’ movement in Spain today.

During the transition to democracy (1975-7) an Amnesty Law (1977) was enacted, giving impunity to the perpetrators of crimes committed prior to 1977 during the Franco-era and Civil War. An unofficial silence on the past was embedded in Spain politically and socially for many years. The ‘historical memory’ movement, which is highly divisive in Spain, has developed within the last decade through various non-governmental associations. It has sought to provide assistance in finding the remains of those summarily executed, and establishing moral and juridical vindication of ‘the defeated’ from the Spanish Civil War and dictatorship. The older generation have very little time left to find, identify and give proper burial to parents and relatives who at present are buried in unmarked graves scattered across the country.

Since April 2011 Christine has travelled to Spain: to Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Brunete and Guadalajara, meeting various individuals, including victims, activists and historians, as well as visiting mass grave sites and attending demonstrations. The exhibition includes a series of drawing and photographic works based on this research and the people she met.

“...efforts to revisit the Civil War and its aftermath are often clouded by accusations of a desire to stir up old hatreds and dishonour the pact on which the current democracy is based. Such declarations, however, disregard the legitimate attempts to restore dignity and legality to those deprived of it in the past, forestalling the social dialogue that is still to take place, and dividing up the political spectrum along 1936 lines. Furthermore it is a stand point that evens out the responsibility for the military coup of 1936, disregarding the actual events and their long lasting consequences.” Mercedes Maroto Camino, ‘Film, memory and legacy of the Spanish Civil War’

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Gerda Taro.

The project and exhibition are made possible with the financial assistance of: The Visual Artists Award Scheme: Forth Valley and The Hope Scott Trust.

Visitor Guest Book Comments

Here's what some of our visitors had to say about this exhibition at the Park Gallery:

  • "Sensitive and powerful work. Well Done!", Carolyn
  • "Thank you Christine for your dedication in a laudable project. Your drawings are moving. Thank you for remembering.", Victoria (translated from Spanish)
  • "Yes, subtle is a good description, also there is intent that it should be so you have to look and look carefully to see what is there; a metaphor for the artwork as well as the situation in Spain.", Gerry
  • "This is the wonderful exhibition beautiful and mesmerising and shares an important message. Thank you for sharing this with us and enlighten to many of us about such an important issue.", Claire and Alasdair
  • "Moving and relevant to our times (Syria, etc). More people should know about this period in history. In fact, it may be wrong to call it 'history', rather an unsolved conflict of history that is rather one-sided.", Sarah (Glasgow)
  • "Talented artist. Deep thought.", Franz
  • "What a beautiful exhibition. Real Work! Incredible all the information researched with so much sentiment. From a Spanish lady whose family also suffered the injustices of the fascist regime! Thank you.", Josefina (translated from Spanish)
  • "A wonderful continuing remembrance to those brave people who fought, from 1936 to 1975 and beyond, for justice and to reclaim the historical memory", Mike Arnott (International Brigade Memorial Trust)
  • "A real artist! It's so long since I saw the work of one! Congratulations.",Anne (Auchterarder)
  • "The drawings are a delicate, subtle expression of lost. Excellent work. Many thanks!",Lila from Mexico (translated from Spanish)
  • "Very moving, people with lots of stories to tell. Beautiful skill too. We cam especially from Musselburgh and the Borders.", Meg and Arthur
  • "A wonderful example of arts based research, beautiful display. Deeply moving and researched with compassion. My favourite exhibition here!", M.L.
  • "An incredible and deeply moving exhibition, where the research and passion poured into it are evident. Amazing!", Moira
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