Skiing Levels

Our fully qualified instructors offer lessons for all abilities, you will see below the different levels available and the outcomes of each level passed.


  • Walking on flat and up a small slope with help
  • Sliding down a small slope in good balance
  • Sliding down a small slope and touch head, shoulders, knees and toes
  • Sliding down a small slope making a small wedge shape with skis
  • Show different sizes of wedge while skiing down
  • Use of ski lift to first stop unaided
  • Know where to stand on a ski slope
  • Be aware that they must always ski with an adult present and why

Polar Bears

  • Show control of speed and line
  • Show strong wedge turns staying in balance
  • Get up unaided
  • Small bunny hops while skiing
  • Take skis off without help
  • Ski around markers from halfway
  • Know why it is important to check up the hill before setting off
  • Be able to use the ski lift up to the middle station unaided

Level 1

  • Demonstrate the ability to move around on flat with skis on, showing good balance and mobility and showing an awareness of other slope users
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry equipment to and from the starting point
  • Demonstrate the ability to put on and take off equipment understanding safety points
  • Demonstrate ability to side step on both sides
  • Demonstrate the ability to get up from a fall on the flat and on the slope
  • Demonstrate the ability to do a straight run while jumping/stepping and catching a glove

Level 2

  • Straight run with wedge shape while sliding
  • Vary size of wedge as directed by the teacher
  • Stop using a wedge at a marked point
  • Use of ski tow to first stop
  • Know 3 FIS rules of conduct
  • Demonstrate two ways of climbing up a slope without slipping back down. Distance approx. 10 metres
  • Balance on one ski for approx. 3 seconds while sliding
  • Walk across a slope without sliding

Level 3

  • Plough turns, showing control of speed by turn shape
  • Ski turns to set rhythm
  • Use of ski tow to hallway stop
  • Lead a buddy down choosing a safe line and speed
  • Wedge traverse to a specified point
  • Accurately follow teacher using turns
  • Know 6 FIS rules of conduct
  • Demonstrate turn runs through markers (vertical and offset ones)
  • Show good posture
  • Show good range of movements
  • Show good foot rotation
  • Skate from point to point on the flat
  • Once this level three has been achieved, people can come to practice

Level 4

  • Consistent plough parallel 1 turns from halfway
  • Parallel traverse with skis being able to grip the slope
  • Side slip to both sides approx. 10 metres
  • Lead a buddy down choosing a safe line and speed
  • Introduction to holding ski poles while skiing
  • Skiing down through markers showing good posture and control
  • Know 10 FIS rules of conduct

Level 5

  • Consistent plough parallel 2 turns from halfway
  • Parallel traverse with skis being able to skid or grip as directed by teacher
  • Diagonal side slip to both sides controlling both skis simultaneously
  • Hop both skis before turn initiation
  • Lift inside ski from fall line and balance
  • Lead a buddy down choosing a safe line and speed

Level 6

  • As level 5 but from top to bottom of slope
  • Use markers from the top

Level 7

  • Consistent plough parallel 3 turns from top
  • Turns should be comfortable, smooth and rhythmical with small plough to initiate turn
  • Ski funnel shape starting with medium turns ending in short turns
  • Lift inside ski from before fall line and balance
  • Lead a buddy down choosing a safe line and speed
  • Be able to do PP3 turns in long, medium and short radius turns
  • Use markers from the top

Level 8

  • Rough parallel turns
  • Accurately follow teachers track
  • Lead a buddy down choosing safe line and speed
  • Varied radius parallel turns
  • Rough parallels round markers
  • Side slipping from the top
  • Falling leaf from the top

Level 9

  • Consistent parallel turns with pole plant
  • Synchronised skiing with buddy
  • Jump whole ski to fall line with pole plant doing short radius turns (short swings)
  • Ability to ski parallel turns at different speeds as directed by the instructor
  • Straight run into side slip to stop

Level 10

  • Synchronised skiing in groups of 4
  • Balance on one edge for turn and hop onto new edge for next turn
  • 4 linked skidded bracquage turns (pivot slips)
  • Short swings for whole length of slope

Level 11

  • Synchronised skiing in groups of 6
  • Short swings and attempting short swing variations
  • Full linked carved turns down slope of various radii
  • Show good range of flowing movements
  • Carved turns through slalom course

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