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Rocket Post
National Theatre of Scotland presents
Rocket Post
Written and directed by Lewis Hetherington with collaborators Ailie Cohen, MJ McCarthy and Kane Husbands.
Based on a true story.
July, 1934. The Western Isles.  A small crowd stand on a beach and watch in amazement. Eccentric German scientist Gerhard Zucker tells them he wants to bring the world together. The future is about communication. The future is about connection. The future is… ROCKETS!
Specifically, a Rocket packed full of letters to send from Scarp to Harris. The crowd gasp as he lights the fuse and the rocket lifts up into the sky and then… explodes.
His vision for the bright new future of communication disintegrates into thousands of tiny pieces that fall through the sky like snow. Mission fail. Return to sender. Back to the drawing board Gerhard.
He has three days to turn his luck around. Will he make his rockets fly? Will he bring people together? 
A fantastically fun new show for everyone aged six and over, Rocket Post is a raucous mix of songs and storytelling. Full of humour, heart and hope for the future, it’s a tale of miscommunication, vaulting ambition and the joyous discoveries that happen when everything goes wrong.`
Tuesday 17 October 6.30pm
FTH Theatre
All Tickets £5 
Rocket Post Workshop – Sunday 15 October 10.30am-12
Join the Rocketeer Scientists and help build a new rocket that will take your letters on a very special journey. Bring the kids, the parents, the grans and grandpas, the aunts and uncles - in fact, bring the whole family - for these exciting and creative family workshops. To book your space, please contact once you have bought your tickets for the Rocket Post performance. Suitable for everyone aged 6+. Spaces are limited so will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
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17th Oct 2017
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01324 506850