Murder Mysteries: Hogwarts' Mysterious Muggle Murderer

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01324 506850
Price:Tickets £12 / £30 all 3 Murder Mystery evenings

Event description

CAN YOU CATCH THE KILLER? - the interactive murder mystery game where it’s up to YOU to prove your worth as a detective by solving a heinous killing - brings you HOGWARTS’ MYSTERIOUS MUGGLE MURDERER.
Calling all Aurors! You’re under cover at a meeting of the newly reinstated Dumbledore’s Army. Aspiring Wizards from each of the four houses are here learning to defend themselves in the face of renewed rumors about dark wizards and death eaters that are being whispered amongst the people of Hogsmead.
Something is amiss at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and when someone turns up dead at a school for magic it takes a lot more than a normal detective to solve it. It takes someone who really knows a snitch from a niffler!
Watch events unfold then have your chance to interrogate each subject in turn. Bring a team or come on your own! Fun, funny, mysterious and a good night for all! Can YOU catch the killer?
Other Murder Mystery Evenings:
Saturday 17 March: At Least Five Ways To Die In The West
Friday 13 April: The Abandon Hope Hotel 


23rd Feb 2018


West Bridge Street

01324 506850