The Time Machine

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Can it be True….?! Can Man build such a machine that may speed along the dimension of Time to the very ends of the Earth?! What wonders may await in one million year’s Time? And what unspeakable dangers?!
The Scientific Romance Theatre Company are preparing to take family audiences on a thrilling ride to a future age where man has long since divided into two different species; the Haves and Have-nots. Touring throughout Scotland in spring 2018, allow us to present H G Wells’ fantastical, mind-bending work: ‘THE TIME MACHINE’
Working with classic bunraku puppetry and a highly comedic ‘melodramarama’ acting style, this fast-paced adaptation of the classic sci-fi tale poses intriguing questions about evolutionary processes, wealth disparity and notions of utopia. Will the hour fly by, or will it seem like an eternity? Dare to discover the truth!
 The Scientific Romance Theatre Company has assembled a multi-award winning team for this project, including Rick Conte (‘Dog’ from The Man who Planted Trees), Matt Rudkin (Naive Dance Masterclass) and Deborah Arnott (Diary of a Madman, Caucasian Chalk Circle). Sound design is by Barney Strachan (Man Who Planted Trees), with lighting design by Laura Hawkins (Company Chordelia) and set design by Gordon Davidson (Bighouse Events).


11th Mar 2018
This event has passed.


West Bridge Street

01324 506850