Murder Mystery: The Abandon Hope Hotel

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01324 506850
Price:Tickets £12 / £30 all 3 Murder Mystery evenings

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For FRIDAY THE 13th - CAN YOU CATCH THE KILLER? – the interactive murder mystery game where it’s up to YOU to prove your worth as a detective by solving a heinous killing
Detectives! You’re under cover at an extremely creepy hotel. Most of the guests are people who got lost in the night, caught in a lightning storm or had mysterious car troubles and found the Abandon Hope to be the only shelter nearby. The full moon is coming, there are bats in the turrets and the staff all have their own monstrous secrets to hide. To be honest the fact that someone is dead doesn’t seem to be that much of a surprise at all… But with all the ghoulish activity going on and with terrifying creatures hiding behind every smiling face, will you be brave enough to find out who the killer was?
Watch events unfold then have your chance to interrogate each subject in turn. Bring a team or come on your own! Fun, funny, mysterious and a good night for all! COSTUMES ARE VERY WELCOME. Can YOU catch the killer?
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13th Apr 2018
This event has passed.


West Bridge Street

01324 506850