Winter High Tops - Beinn Bhuidhe (Bike Access)

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The days will involve a high top, either a Munro or one of our finer Corbetts, so you will need to have previous hill walking experience. Once the snow gets firm enough for winter tactics to come in to play folk need to have the skills to cope with conditions.

Our Intro to Scottish winter skills course is recommended for anyone needing to learn the basics or improve rusty technique. All winter High Tops are weather dependent. If there is a high avalanche risk on the slopes we’re planning to go on to we will change the route or the hill. If storm winds are blowing we may have to take in a shorter, lower hill. Walks in December will include an element of winter skills if conditions allow.

This will be to refresh winter movement technique, it’s not a comprehensive winter skills coaching session. Folk that need that should go on a winter skills course.

Beinn Bhuidhe (Bike Access) 20.8km with 460 m of ascent on bikes, 10km with 760m of ascent on foot.

This Munro is fairly remote as regards this part of the world. The usual approach is from Glen Fyne, but we'll make it more interesting and go in by neighbouring Glen Shira.  This makes the biking a bit longer but it'll take us to the dam on the Brannie Burn, and therefore within easy access to Beinn Bhuidhe's long south west ridge.  This will give a finer ascent of the hill without any of the awkward ground associated with the Glen Fyne tourist route.


17th Feb 2019
This event has passed.


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01324 506846