On Saturday's The Box Office will now be found in Callendar House and not in FTH. This will take effect from the 1st of June with opening hours of 09:45-15:00. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Event Time Venue
Wednesday, 26th June 2019
20:00 Hippodrome
Thursday, 27th June 2019
On sale from 28th February
19:00 Hippodrome
Friday, 28th June 2019
15:00 Hippodrome
18:00 Hippodrome
Saturday, 29th June 2019
11:00 Hippodrome
16:30 Hippodrome
17:30 Hippodrome
Sunday, 30th June 2019
13:30 Hippodrome
16:30 Hippodrome
19:00 Hippodrome

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