Our Strategies, Policies, Plans and Document Downloads

Our Strategies, Policies, Plans and Document Downloads

Falkirk Community Trust is responsible for developing and delivering strategies on behalf of Falkirk Council, and for advising Falkirk Council in respect of culture and sport in its broadest sense. Our Business Plan supports the delivery of our strategies.

Mission, Vision and Value

Our Mission is:

To lead culture and sport to enrich people’s lives in the Falkirk area

Our Vision is that:

Falkirk's communities are the most creative and active they can possibly be

Our Values

In doing this, we are committed to the following values:

  • Valuing the positive difference people make
  • Acting with integrity
  • Placing peoples' needs at the heart of everything we do
  • Being proud of what we can achieve together


  • Business Plan & Strategy 2

    Business Plan Approach

    pdf, 515.5 KB

    Business Strategy 2019

    pdf, 699.6 KB

  • Annual Action Plans 3

    Annual Action Plan 2019 -2020

    pdf, 920.6 KB

    Annual Action Plan 2018-2019

    pdf, 747.8 KB

    Annual Action Plan 2017-2018

    pdf, 806.1 KB

  • Gender Pay Gap Reports 3

    Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

    pdf, 404.8 KB

    Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

    pdf, 92.4 KB

    Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

    pdf, 217.4 KB

  • Delivery Plans & Strategies 5

    Arts Delivery Plan

    pdf, 456.1 KB

    A Library Service Development Plan for Falkirk 2016-2021

    pdf, 2.5 MB

    Heritage Delivery Plan 2018 - 2023

    pdf, 797.2 KB

    Physical Activity and Well-being Strategy

    pdf, 636.8 KB

    Public Arts Strategy

    pdf, 148.8 KB

  • Inspiring Active Lives 1

    Culture and Sports Strategy 2014 - 2024

    pdf, 1.7 MB

  • Policies 5

    Child Swimming Admissions Policy

    pdf, 65.1 KB

    Environmental Policy Statement

    pdf, 30.0 KB

    Equal Opportunities Policy

    pdf, 93.8 KB

    Health and Safety Policy

    pdf, 295.6 KB

    Volunteer Policy

    pdf, 470.4 KB

  • Trust Trading Guide To Information 1

    Trust Trading Guide To Information April 2020

    pdf, 253.8 KB

  • Information Bulletins 8

    January 2020

    pdf, 3.9 MB

    October 2019

    pdf, 2.8 MB

    June 2019

    pdf, 2.9 MB

    March 2019

    pdf, 3.7 MB

    September 2018

    pdf, 3.4 MB

    June 2018

    pdf, 3.7 MB

    March 2018

    pdf, 5.5 MB

    January 2018

    pdf, 5.9 MB

  • Register of Persons with a Significant Degree of Control over Falkirk Community Trust/Trading 2

    Register of Persons with a Significant Degree of Control over Falkirk Community Trust

    pdf, 126.6 KB

    Register of Person with a Significant Degree of Control over Falkirk Community Trading Ltd

    pdf, 126.7 KB

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