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  • Are you re-opening Callendar Park’s 3 Par Course?

    For the time being, Callendar Park Par 3 Course remains closed and will open when it is safe to do so. 

  • Why are you opening Grangemouth Golf Course and not the Par 3 course at Callendar Park?

    Unlike Grangemouth Golf Course, the Park Par 3 is more of a recreational activity and transactions are largely cash based, which we are discouraging.  Additionally, users of this course do not usually visit with their own equipment, which goes against the safety measures in place at Grangemouth.   

  • What safety measures are you putting in place at Grangemouth Golf Course?

    Keeping customers and staff healthy is our priority, so we have implemented some changes to keep you all safe. These have been based on guidance from the PGA, SGU and BIGGA as well as Government guidance. As these change, the proposed work and operating plans will also change so that we can ensure we follow best practice. 

    Guidance is available both online and at the course to help things go smoothly during the recovery period. New season ticket applications are welcomed and can be purchased at the pro shop on site with a credit or debit card.

  • Why is Bo’ness Recreation Centre not opening?

    As lockdown begins to ease across Scotland, the Trust is preparing plans for a phased reopening of venues, in line with the Scottish Government’s ‘Routemap’. Our plan to reopen takes into account the needs of our community along with restrictions on the number of customers and staff we can accommodate safely.

    With this in mind, although we have provisionally set dates for reopening of some of our sites, these dates are all subject to Scottish Government guidance, the R number value and further safety and hygiene tests carried out locally.

    As Bo’ness Recreation Centre is a large and complex building, in addition to COVID-19 guidance, we must also follow several technical processes to make the building safe for public and staff use. We are taking a careful, measured, phased approach to reopening and at this time we are unable to identify potential opening dates for Bo’ness Recreation Centre. As soon as we are in a position to announce a date to reopen we will do this via our social media channels and website, so would urge you to keep up to date this way.

  • Can I book a time to play on the tennis courts?

    No, sorry. In recognition of the premium placed on useable outdoor spaces at this point, the courts will be opened to all members of the public to use on a first come basis at this time.

  • Can I book courts as normal using the ClubSpark system at this time?

    Sorry, no - the courts will be available on a first come basis.

  • I have a tennis membership with the trust. Will I have priority on the courts?

    Sorry, no - the courts will be available on a first come basis.

  • How long can I play on the courts?

    We are unable to restrict the playing time on the courts at this time. We would encourage all users to be mindful that others may wish to use the facilities.

    Please also note that there are no toilet facilities available at these courts.

  • When will squash courts open?

    The Trust has adopted a phased approach to opening its venues.  The Mariner Centre squash courts reopen on 14 September.  As soon as we are in a position to announce the dates to reopen our other venues we will do this via our social media channels and website, so please keep up to date through these channels.

  • Can I just turn up for a squash court?

    All activities must be pre booked and paid for at the time of booking by calling the relevant venue.

  • Will the changing rooms and locker facilities be open for squash?

    You should arrive wearing squash kit at the start time of your booked court, as our changing rooms and lockers will not be available. Only take the minimum amount of equipment with you that you need to play. Toilets will be available in our venues.

  • Can I play a game or practice squash with another player from a different household?

    Not at the moment.  Current guidance is for solo play.  Adult players (aged 12 & above) can only use the squash court on an individual basis. This allows one person to use the squash court at any one time, exclusively for the duration of their booking.

  • Can I share solo squash court time with another player from a different household?

    The court booking is exclusive to the person who made the booking i.e. a group cannot book the court and take turns to use the court one at a time

  • Can I play a game or practice squash with another player from my household?

    Yes, current guidelines allow unconditioned squash/play to resume if both players live in the same household.  If you attempt to play with a person out with your household the other person will not be permitted access to the venue.  If players are found to be not adhering to the rule, the session will stop immediately, the other player will be instructed to leave the building and the person who made the booking will not be permitted to book any further courts under the same household bookings.

  • Can I book a double squash session?

    Yes, subject to availability. However, courts are for solo players only or those from the same household.   Given the length of time squash activity has been suspended, it is advised that anyone returning to court eases themselves back into play gently.

  • Can I spectate squash?

    Not at the moment. Spectating areas are currently closed.  We will be putting a limit on the number of customers in our venues at any one time.  Customers will be permitted access 5 minutes before their booking and must leave immediately after their booking has finished.

  • Can I hire squash equipment?

    Please bring your own equipment.

  • Can I purchase squash grips and balls?

    Limited stock will be on display of our most popular items. Please ask if a member of staff if the item you are looking for is not on display.

  • Will I have access to drinking fountains?

    No, the drinking fountains are located in areas that are subject to strict access control and capacity numbers.   Please bring your own drinks. 

  • Will I be required to wear a face covering?

    All customers will be required to wear face masks in public areas i.e. upon entering the building and while moving between corridors and in toilets. You will be able to remove your mask when you commence exercising.

  • How will you keep the squash courts clean?

    Players should refrain from wiping their hands on the walls and doors of the squash court, and to avoid any unnecessary touching of these surfaces.  Hand sanitising stations are located throughout our venues.  Enhanced cleaning procedures have been put in place and we have introduced more time between bookings to facilitate this.  Please make sure you leave the court promptly at the end of your allotted time.

  • How will you support the Contact Tracing programme to identify people at risk of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    Contact tracing is a process for identifying people at risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection because they have been physically close to a person who has tested positive. Falkirk Community Trust supports the Scottish Government’s Test & Protect Strategy and follows its guidance on the collection of customer and visitor contact details.

    All visitors attending formalised activities must book online or call and book in advance. Upon arrival their attendance shall be recorded.  The following details will be collected:

    • The name of each customer or visitor, or when attending as a small household group, the contact details for one member of that group - a 'lead member', noting the size of the group
    • A contact phone number for each individual, or for the 'lead member' of a small household group
    • Date of visit and arrival and, where possible, departure time
  • How will you ensure that social distancing and safety measures are being adhered to by all users within the facility?

    Before returning to the facility, customers will be required to commit to enhanced hygiene measures and our new ways of working.  Our team will have received training and guidance and will be on hand to support the practice of our safety measures.

  • Will staff be wearing face masks and other PPE?

    Yes, it is within our guidance that all staff will wear masks where possible. If the wearing of a mask is unsuitable for an individual for health reasons or specific job roles subject to risk assessment, we will require them to wear a face shield.  Staff that cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons will wear lanyards displaying their NHS medical exemption cards.

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